Transition Management

In order  to ensure a smooth transition from  your prior management company/developer, we will follow  the following parameters or guidelines. These are not necessarily all inclusive but should serve to highlight the areas  that we will focus on during the  transition period.

Typically this process can take  up to 30 days depending on the quality and  availability of information.

  • Meet all Association Board members
  • Meet Committee Chairperson(s), if any
  • Meet Association employees, if any
  • Review operating policies and procedures
  • Walk the property in conjunction with Board member(s) and evaluate condition together with any items requiring immediate remedial action
  • Review all Association contracts
  • Review and summarize all insurance policies Obtain or establish current resident/owner computerized database
  • Obtain most recent financial statements and bank statements for the Association
  • Review Board of Directors meeting minutes
    • and  minutes of the most recent annual meeting
  • Obtain copies of all Association files from previous management firm/developer
  • Review operating budget
  • Review reserve schedule
  • Establish bank operating/reserve accounts Establish bank signing authorities and procedures
  • Establish priorities with Board of Directors

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